Use of Confined Space

This project from Summer 2023 was for a client living in a 2000’s build semi detached with a backgarden approximate area of 20 M. Sq. The main requirement was the improvement of the boundary area with ornamental climbers and broadleaves but keeping area easy to clear in the event of cleaning or restructuring. Confined SpaceMore

Domestic Lawn Improvement
A weary looking lawn

It is considered to be the best time to overseed lawns in springtime from March to early May, and then from the end of August into September. Autumn is the best time to overseed and try not to do this in the summer time. If you seed in high heat, you’ll most likely be wastingMore

Woodland Establishment

An existing dataset of Forest Entrances originating from the old FIS and GIS systems has been loaded into AGOL and GeoHub.  This contains 10596 records. It is the intention to use this going forward as the basis of Forest Entrance data.  This data has been some cleansed, lining the entrances up with existing Forest Roads. More

Driveway Design

This was a small project to improve the general appearance of a standard suburban estate dwellings driveway. The initial requirement from the lient was to ensure that the driveway edge was easily maintainable to remove weeds or any other unwanted growth / debris that used to accumulate there. This is the second post – someMore

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